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Parkinson Home Exercises App

Unique Parkinson Home Exercises app FOR IPHONE AND IPAD

This easy-to-use app is the first of its kind, designed to be used by patients and exercise therapists dealing with Parkinson’s Disease  as a source of advice and instructions for daily exercises and movements. The advice and high quality video- exercises have been compiled by expert researchers and therapists in the field, who are also teachers in Parkinsonnet.

Available in English, Dutch, French (iOS and Android) and Spanish (iOS)

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To dowload the app in your iPhone/iPad app store search 'Parkinson Home Exercises'


Absolutely fantastic app - ★★★★★

by Grundig1 -  This exactly what I needed. Simple to use and lots of easy to follow exercises at my fingertips My doctor was very impressed with it as well,when I showed her. Would recommend to anyone with Parkinson's.


For both patiënt and caregiver - ★★★★★

by Martinus, PT -   Easy to use. Quick navigation. Quality video's. As far as I can judge the content seems research based. At least as important, it is a useful tool for both patiënt and caregiver (PT or OT) to improve independency of people with Parkinson.


Excellent quality and easy to navigate app! - ★★★★★

by Fyiomere.nl - Perfect to show to patients and make a list of favorites. Patiënts can then download the app and perform the exercises at home. Just what is needed !


Nicely done - easy to navigate. - ★★★★★

by 2001Tim - Nicely done - easy to navigate.


Great app for Parkinson disease - ★★★★★

by Johan Sweden - A very user friendly guide with very good videos for doing exercises etc. All the info I need



ITUNES: http://itunes.apple.com/nl/app/parkinson-home-exercises/id473641730?mt=8

IOSNOOPS: http://www.iosnoops.com/appinfo/parkinson-home-exercises-for-ipad/473641730

IPADplaza: http://www.ipadplaza.eu/geneeskunde/parkinson-home-exercises-european-foundation-for-health-and-exercise

APPSHOPPER: http://appshopper.com/medical/parkinson-home-exercises

PRDASSOCIATION: http://www.facebook.com/ParkinsonRDAssociation?sk=wall